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Therapy at Brain Intercept

The brain is an extremely complex organ. It can be affected by many different symptoms or conditions and the result may affect how you manage your day-to-day tasks or activities.

Your brain controls every other aspect of your body and due to this it is the place we need to start when trying to identify any daily dysfunction a person may be experiencing, whether young or old.

For some, when they experience any brain irregularity they may get a sense of panic, worry, and/or not know which way to turn to help themselves or someone they love.
For others, they may naturally learn to adapt and accept changes or challenges they experience.

At Brain Intercept we are here to help you navigate these uncertainties. We support a range of ages and diagnoses or conditions. From elementary age children to older adults, we provide treatment for your brain related symptoms or conditions.


DifficulTy with Executive Functions

– Poor judgment
– Making poor decisions
– Difficulty with problem-solving
– Difficulty making plans or organizing
– Difficulty initiating tasks or ensuring quality performance

Difficulty with Attention

– Lacking focus or distractibility
– Difficulty with multi-tasking

Difficulty with Memory

Missing appointments
Missing bills or late payments
Asking repeated questions
Misplacing items

Difficulty with Mood or Behavior

– Apathy
– Anxiety
– Depression
– Agitation
– Poor impulse control
– Loss of empathy
– Hallucinations or delusions

Difficulty with Language

– Difficulty finding words or naming things
– Misspelling or making grammatical errors
– Requiring more effort to have fluent speech
– Difficulty with reading or writing

Difficulty with Basic Tasks

– At Home: household or self-care tasks
– At Work: performance of expectations & duties
– At School: focus, attention, reading, & behavior mangement
– In the Community: shopping, outings, & socialization

We have specialized therapists at the clinic to provide customized treatment for your specific area of concern. We offer both in-clinic and in-home options for treatment to meet you where you are most comfortable and provide solutions to your questions. Integration of each client’s support system including family, friends, teachers, or care providers are also an integral part of therapy at Brain Intercept.

Payment for Services includes: acceptance of some insurance and private pay options.


Protecting your brain begins with understanding

Reasons for this service:


You have a desire to identify areas of opportunity for you to maintain your brain health and wellness. Your goal is to get a functional picture of how your brain is wired, what you can do to support its function, and changes you can make to help keep your brain strong in the future.


You are noticing brain changes and/or dysfunction that is or is not leading to difficulties in day-to-day tasks and activities. Your goal is to identify why you are noticing these changes and what you can do to improve them or reverse them.


You are living with a neurological diagnosis (i.e. mild cognitive impairment, ADHD, dementia, sensory processing difficulties, etc) and you want to know if there are factors that are making your function worse. Your goal is to identify the functional factors affecting your performance and work on reversing the factors that are adjustable to help you stabilize your condition.

Image of Digital Brain Scan
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Evoke eVox Brain Scan

A QEEG scan of the brain evaluates how your brain is working by measuring the brain’s flow of electrical energy. This provides a better understanding of what may be causing your symptoms.  During the scan, you wear a cap and complete a series of simple exercises on a computer while your brain activity is recorded.

The benefit of the scan is that it is a pain-free way to identify areas of opportunity for improved brain health in the future or rood causes of your current symptoms to help your therapist personalize your treatment.

Functional Screening and Recommendations:

Paired with the scan, our specialized therapists walk you through a holistic screening of brain health and wellness. Education is then provided to explain your specific needs based on results and what you can do to support or stabilize brain health in the future.


Scan and screening is not a definitive diagnostic tool. It is used to help identify functional areas of improvement to help strengthen your brain and promote best ability to function. Collaboration with your medical team can then lead to a diagnosis if that is your intent or desire.


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The goal of OT is to create quality of life!

It is possible to LIVE life to the fullest, despite living with changes or challenges!

Occupational Therapy (OT), at its core, is the therapeutic use of everyday activities or occupations to help you participate in life to its fullest. An occupation is anything that occupies your time, whether it is something you need to do or just something you want to do.

Our Therapists

Our therapists specialize in how your brain helps or hinders your daily performance in life: work, school, social interaction, sleep or performance in everyday self-care or household tasks.

We recognize the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection within each person and how this impacts participation in daily life activities. Therapists support clients in reaching their fullest potential by holistically addressing all aspects of a person: physical, mental, and social wellbeing. The balance between these three aspects is the key to maintaining quality of life.

Therapeutic Use of Self

Who you choose to partner with you on your journey to achieve desired results matters!

One difference that tells our therapists apart from others is their strong belief in and use of “therapeutic use of self”. Each therapist develops and manages their therapeutic relationship with each client while using reasoning and empathy to guide interaction. A collaborative and client-centered approach is taken in each client’s case, we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to therapy.

We believe that two therapists can execute the exact same treatment session and achieve different results. This is the very nature of therapeutic use of self. Each therapist’s ability to understand and adapt themselves to the needs of each client is vital in achieving the best outcomes in therapy. 

Specialty Treatment Areas at Brain Intercept

– Concussion Recovery
– Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Therapy
– Sensory Processing Difficulties or Disorders
– Non-medication treatment for ADHD/ADD
– Non-medication treatment for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
– Non-medication treatment for Sleep
– Dementia Care and Management
– Health Care Coordination


There is a way to exercise your brain to improve its performance! Just like physical therapy helps to exercise and strengthen your body, our therapist work to exercise and strengthen your brain.

What is neurocognitive rehabilitation?

Simply put, this is a specific type of therapy that works on improving cognition (brain function) through a variety of methods to build brain reserve, rebuild functions that may have been damaged, or stimulate cell firing to stabilize function.

Early intervention is key! Through evidenced-based strategies and lifestyle changes, our therapist can work with you to create a positive shift toward keeping your brain healthy so your brain (and body) can function at its best.

Nerocognitive Brain


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