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Screening For Brain Health


Identifying the “why” behind the symptoms you are experiencing can be challenging because the same symptoms can mean different things.

The eVox scan is a QEEG scan of the brain that evaluates how your brain is working by measuring the brain’s flow of electrical energy. This provides a better understanding of what may be causing your symptoms.

To begin, you answer a series of questions that screen for neuropsychological function.

During the scan, you wear and EEG cap and complete a series of simple exercises on the computer while your brain activity is recorded.

The benefit of the scan is that it is a pain-free and non-invasive way to identify root causes of your symptoms to personalize treatment.


An evaluation by a therapist, who specializes in cognition, is completed and paired with the eVox scan to provide each client with a detailed picture of their brain function. Education is provided with this evaluation to begin a treatment plan for optimized brain health.

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BRAIN HEALTH: Goal of maximizing cognitive health to slow or even prevent continued decline that may place individuals at risk of functional deficits limiting independence.

LIVING WITH DEMENTIA OR CHRONIC BRAIN CHANGES: Goal of stabilizing cognition and assisting individuals to live a high-quality life, despite living with irreversible cognitive changes.

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We are committed to providing you a personal experience that meets your specific needs or concerns. Please help us provide an ideal experience for you by filling out a few questions that will begin your journey with us at Brain Intercept. We look forward to beginning your care. 

Please share with us your primary concern/s in which you are seeking support. You can also write a narrative below. Concerns or Questions with…

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We would like to get to know you, where you are at on your journey, and how we can join you in that place to help you move forward confidently with the solutions we identify.

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