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provides dementia care, education & resources to personal & Professional care providers


Ever-Present Insight

Ever-Present Insight provides dementia care education and resources to personal and professional care providers. This education has been built by an Occupational Therapist, specializing in the care of those living with dementia, and has been applied in many settings; in-home care, assisted living care, as well as skilled nursing care.


Mission & Vision

To help individuals truly live a fulfilled life despite living with cognitive impairment through education provided to those supporting them along the journey.

This is accomplished by providing specialize education and resources to both personal and professional care providers, helping them empathize and provide customized care to each person throughout varying stages and shifts in perspective that accompany these cognitive changes.


the founder

Sarah Viola is the founder of Ever-Present Insight, dementia care principles and approaches to maximize quality of life and minimize behavioral changes for those living with cognitive impairment. Sarah has dedicated her career as and Occupational Therapist to individuals living with cognitive changes. She developed this passion early on as she was nearing the end of her college education.
Over the years she has studied and applied many models and approaches. Her goal has always been to improve the lives of those living with dementia. Helping they themselves, as well as their care providers understand it is possible to LIVE with dementia.
Over the years, Sarah has adapted and developed specialized approaches to prevent and manage behavioral symptoms that often present because of changes in cognition. She is now sharing her knowledge on a grander scale with the hope of having a broader impact for those affected through this education platform.
Sarah’s passion for this population grew even stronger as she supported her own grandmother through a life, living with vascular dementia. She recognized that all the approaches and care provider education she had provided over the years was more worthwhile than she originally thought. Having the opportunity to apply her own principles in such a personal way fueled her passion to a higher level and was the spark that started Ever-Present Insight.

The logo for Ever-Present Insight is that of waves within helping hands. Sarah’s personal goal is to help care partners learn vital skills in creating success for the person receiving care yet give and receive grace throughout the journey. Just as waves and ripples in water ebb and flow, accepting changes in weather and debris yet calming once again in the right conditions, we can provide this type of grace to ourselves and our loved ones while navigating through living with dementia. Sarah’s focus in education is to always remember the ever-present nature of individuals’ spirits that makes them unique and guides care as providers partner with them on the journey.

Education Pricing

& Information

The topics listed are not all inclusive. Sarah believes in customizing presentations to her audience. She understands that each recipient may have varying levels of background information and knowledge and due to this Sarah prefers to have a call prior to presentations to determine specific needs, in order to customize and make her time with you the highest value.

$175 for first hour

$125 each additional hour

A few of the topics offered:

Foundation Dementia Knowledge

Types & Stages of Dementia

Person Focus: Needs and Abilities According to Cognitive Levels

Communication: An Emotional Level of Connection

Psychological Needs Related to Dementia Care

Ever-Present Insight: 10 Key Tips to Manage Difficult Moments

Deep Dive into Behavioral Disturbances: Types, Causes & Solutions

Environmental Modification and Maintaining Safety at Home

When Waves Rise

 by Sarah Viola, OTR/L

Sarah has been working diligently over her career to craft proprietary educational material to serve as practical solutions for maximizing the lives of those living with dementia by providing education to those who love and care these individuals.

When Waves Rise is a Book and Journal that provides these practical solutions. Sarah will also be hosting both live and online learning opportunities where she will educate on this training material to immerse the learner into each moment and help them navigate these skills to use them in the future.