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Here to help you with support and treatment for brain and cognitive changes. There is something you can do for a changing brain!

We specialize in screening for and identifying brain and cognitive changes in a comfortable setting. You may be asking yourself “now what?” when you first begin to notice signs and symptoms of brain changes or when you receive a diagnosis from your primary provider and need a place to turn for service and support. Our team will help you identify why your brain may be changing and provide insight into what you can do to support your brain health. They will also join you and your loved ones on a journey, living with dementia, to help you maintain independence and function in your home and community.

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Identifying the “why” behind the symptoms you are experiencing can be challenging because the same symptoms can mean different things.
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Screening for services

Fill out an inquiry checklist to screen for service needs. Our team will review your checklist and contact you with possibilities for support and services you may benefit from based on your responses.
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Our team is passionate about brain health. We know education is key, the more you know about your brain health, the better you will be at providing it the proper care. After all, your brain drives your entire body, why not take care of it!

We know that many people struggle with brain dysfunction and too often they do not seek evaluation or treatment due to one reason or another.  Our providers have heard people say, “there is no point in assessment, since nothing can be done”. This is simply not true. There is a plan to help maximize brain function for all; both cognitively intact and those living with a diagnosed dementia. 

We strive to provide a comfortable setting where we can provide complementary services to each clients existing medical care. We answer the question “now what?” after you begin noticing changes or receive a diagnosis from your primary provider.

We seek to detect early cognitive impairment and following this detection we walk with you to develop a treatment plan to maximize your brain health.

We seek to be an extension of your primary care provider and will collaborate directly with them. Our goal is to be an addition to your current care by evaluating your brain health, identifying modifiable risk factors, and determining the extent to which your brain health is impacting your day-to-day living. We provide preventative, restorative and adaptive treatment following the evaluation process.

Our mission is to improve brain health of all, you do not have to sit and wonder what is happening, we can give you details and set you on a path for success!


Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday: By Appointment Only


Dr. Harvey Hart, MD

Dr. Harvey Hart, MD

Sarah Viola, OTR/L

Sarah Viola, OTR/L

223 8th Ave NW, Suite 2
Aberdeen, SD 57401

(605) 725-8885




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Sarah Viola, OTR/L

Sarah supports clients in reaching their fullest potential by holistically addressing all aspects of a person: physical, mental, and social well-being. The balance between these three aspects is necessary to maintain quality of life.

To begin therapy, a client participates in a functional cognitive assessment. Then the client, family, and therapist work together to develop a hierarchy of needs related to areas of dysfunction. Treatment sessions include problem-solving and brainstorming with the client and support system to help identify root causes of difficulties and implement successful strategies to remediate, adapt or modify for the areas of dysfunction.

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Tiffany Hoeft, MS/CCC-SLP

Tiffany looks at memory and attention in a different way to better meet the needs of our clients. For 20 years, Tiffany has specialized in working with people and their brain health. She has found that individuals often develop bad habits that could lead them from mild cognitive impairment to dementia. Identifying and addressing these habits can be important in maximizing cognitive function.

Tiffany believes early intervention is the key! Through evidence-based strategies and lifestyle changes, speech therapy can work with you to build what’s called “cognitive reserve” and strengthen the pathways in your brain through retraining, repetition, and compensation.

The goal of occupational therapy at Brain Intercept is to create quality of life as well as bring meaning and fulfillment to day-to-day living. It is possible to LIVE, while living with dementia.

The goal of cognitive rehabilitation at Brain Intercept is to create a positive shift toward keeping your brain healthy so your cognitive lifespan can match your overall lifespan.

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New Educational Material Now Available!

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