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We serve both children and adults in finding solutions for brain related questions to help them live life to the fullest.

We strive to provide evaluation, treatment, and support for diagnoses related to:

– Memory Decline
– Concussions
– Dementia Related Diagnosis
– Attention Deficit and/or ADHD

– Mood and Behavior Changes
– Neurological Disorders
– Sleep Difficulties
– Sensory Processing Difficulties

There is something you can do for brain related diagnosis or disability!

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Our therapist specialize in how your brain helps or hinders your daily performance in life.
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We specialize in helping you understand your unique brain. We were all created different and as we live we encounter various circumstances that then impact our brain health. After noticing changes and/or receiving a diagnosis related to brain related conditions, you may be asking yourself “now what?” We provide answers to this question and partner with you in finding solutions right for you and your family.

Our team is passionate about finding creative solutions for your specific concern. We know many people young and old, struggle with variations in brain function that impacts how they can interact with the world around them. Often, there is a fear or stigma about reaching out to find supportive services and we are here to break through that stigma. We begin by helping to identify what you are experiencing.

Our first goal is to identify and rehabilitate any reversible factors affecting your function. Following rehabilitation we are experts in helping you and your family adapt or modify to improve quality of life and independence in daily living. We offer a variety of specialized treatment options that aim at helping you improve symptoms and live, despite living with brain changes.

We work as an extension of your health care team and will collaborate directly with each clients primary care provider to find the best solutions. We provide preventative, rehabilitative and adaptive treatment options after determining your specific needs. Our mission is to improve brain health for all and educate your support system so that you do not have to sit and wonder what is happening or feel like you just have to deal with whatever cards you were dealt.

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I cannot overstate the incredible help and guidance we’ve received from Brain Intercept as we navigate the uncertain waters of cognitive challenges affecting my mother.

From the moment we reached out, Brain Intercept has displayed profound compassion and professionalism. They provided a road map for appropriate options for our evolving needs.”

                              ~J.S. May 23, 2023

“The help that we received from Sarah and her team is still paying benefits today with both of my father and mother. They were just fabulous.

                              ~Wade,  September 29, 2023

Brain Intercept Core Values


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Jennifer Gustafson, OTR/L

Jenn supports clients of all ages to live their fullest lives in all functional areas of life. Her 20+ years in her field have led her to specializing in detailed assessment and focused interventions for those needing support in work, leisure, and/or basic daily tasks. Jenn’s strategies and treatments target areas of dysfunction in the areas of both physical and mental functions.

Jenn is an occupational therapist whose primary areas of focus include:


Assessment of neurological needs for persons of all ages with a purpose of achieving maximization of quality of life.


Intervention to support people living with neurological dysfunction. Diagnoses may include but are not limited to: ADHD, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, anoxic brain events, and sensory processing difficulties.


Jenn holds specialty certifications including Interactive Metronome and LSVT BIG to maximize patient outcomes.


Clinic based, home based or combination of clinic/home are options for her occupational therapy services to help support clients in their natural environments

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Sarah Viola, OTR/L

Sarah supports clients in reaching their fullest potential by holistically addressing all aspects of a person: physical, mental, and social well-being. The balance between these three aspects is necessary to maintain the highest quality of life.

Sarah is an occupational therapist whose primary areas of focus include:


Specialty services for Dementia care and management by assessing clients living with a diagnosis of dementia in their home and supporting they and their families to optimize cognition and maintain functional performance while remaining in their preferred home location.


Care coordination and advocacy services to help clients living with cognitive impairment and/or behavioral difficulties navigate the healthcare system and obtain necessary services and support.


Sleep assessment and treatment to support a client with optimizing sleep quality and quantity to maximize brain health and overall occupational function.


Nonmedicinal, occupation-based therapy, to help support clients living with depression and anxiety symptoms by helping them develop strategies to manage symptoms.



Dr. Harvey Hart, MD

Dr. Harvey Hart, MD

Sarah Viola, OTR/L

Sarah Viola, OTR/L

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